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5 stars 5
I visited several places that offered PRK, LASIK, and SMILE surgery. The prices are comparable to others in the region, but they are more informative about what to expect and offer Friday/Saturday appointments. Ended up going with SMILE and have no regrets a week after the surgery.

5 stars 5
I've been seeing Dr. Phan since I was a wee little toddler, so he's seen my eyes through various phases of thick and thin (cornea joke!). I have worn glasses and contacts for all of my childhood, teenage and young adult life. When my eyesight finally stabilized, I knew where I wanted to go to have corrective surgery - Dr. Phan!When my vision stabilized, Dr. Phan walked me through the different options for corrective surgery - Lasik vs. PRK. He recommended PRK to me due to my high prescription, astigmatism, and the shape of my corneas.The procedure was smooth and pleasant with Dr. Phan. He helped me with everything I needed to do beforehand, during, and after and made the whole process very easy. The healing process was painful in the first week, but my eyes quickly healed and my eyesight quickly became clearer.It's been over 1 year since I got PRK with Dr. Phan and my eyesight is crystal clear. I can see in the middle of the night and read shampoo bottles in the shower if I wanted to. Thank you Dr. Phan for helping me through one of the best decisions of my life!

5 stars 5
Amazing service! From start to finish, the customer service and attention the staff and doctors allotted to me during my visits and following up via phone/text have been impeccable.

5 stars 5
From start to finish the staff at IQ Laser exceeded my expectations. Staff is knowledgeable, caring, and personable. Thank you Steven for addressing all my concerns and being available via text or email. Dr. Tran for making me feel comfortable and addressing any concerns. Dr. Phan for his amazing work and talking me through each step of the lasik procedure. I would refer friends, family, and coworkers here! Thanks IQ Laser for making this blind girl see again.

5 stars 5
the guys are very friendly and the doctor is very professor .l am so happy that my eyes are so nice