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5 stars 5
Let me just start with the staff at Ellis Eye Center, one of the most sweetest person I've meet in a clinic. Some who captures you with positive vibes, always smiling and of course that is Marleny. I felt so protected by her. She replied to every text i send her about my concerns prior my eye surgery. Im just super happy to have met this wonderful women. Now moving on with my procedure, Marleny told me to have a good breakfast to try to stay relax i mean her words were so calming. My appointment was at 10am as soon as i got there i can say the process between singing papers that i had already read at home, getting ready were about and 1 i had a little delay because they were getting the room ready the surgery was in no more than 10mins! I know pretty fast, but after that only thing that bother me was the stitch on my eye. I came home vomiting due to the medication being a bit strong which is understandable because im mot use to medicine that was on the 1st day only, but i had no pain at all. Its my 3rd day after surgery i feel good eye it's looking better day by day. Marleny tiene una personalidad hermosa. Es difcil encontrarte con personas que estn felices en su trabajo pero est mujer MARLENY es otra cosa. Bien dedicada asegurndose siempre que todo este bien. Excelente persona.
5 stars Recommended
5 stars 5
I just had surgery done on 05/22/2018 for LASIK. I will give a full review from start to finish. It is the best thing I have done! <br><br>Free consultation appointment: Before I was scheduled for this, I had a lady call me and give me a lot of information. She was patient and answered all my questions. She told me what to do before my appointment and got me scheduled and set.<br><br>Consultation day: I show up to my appointment and I was the first person scheduled. I waited almost no time. Right away they got me in and did the assessment. The office looked clean, the staff is super friendly and bilingual (Spanish) which I saw put a lot of people at ease. Everyone in the San Jose office is friendly and helpful. Then I meet with the finance assistant, Marleny. She helps with having you decide if you can do Care Credit, credit card or pay in cash. She is one of the most caring, happy and lovable persons you will ever meet! She really does have YOUR best interest at heart. The whole staff is a joy here but she really takes the prize! On that day, I decided after 12 years of contacts and 5 years of glasses I was finally ready to do the surgery.<br><br>Surgery day: On the day you schedule your surgery they tell what to expect on surgery. I had a good breakfast and walked in with all my required medications. They take care of all that! They send your prescription to whatever pharmacy you use and you have to bring the in for surgery. I walk in, I get greeted and I am asked to make myself comfortable. Soon after I get prepped. They do another test right before surgery and they try to calm you down to prepare you. You get the Surgeons assistant tell you the full run down of surgery. He gets you gowned and calms you down. You take 2 pills that you picked up at your pharmacy. The assistant also explained after care and how I need to stay still and calm during surgery. Its only less than a minute per eye so you'll be done before you know it. The surgery happens, I get a little anxiety because of course its my eyes. But there is virtually no pain! I get done and they put me in another room to relax. They tell me I did great. During surgery, Marleny walked in to hold my hand so I can stay calm. She is an angel! I had no pain after that. You will need someone to pick you up and take you home. Dr. Ellis walked in for the surgery, I was already laying on a table, he said hello and told me to stay calm and as still as possible. He was friendly but quiet, he probably didn't want me to get worked up or anything like that. He said it would be quick and then I would be alot better. He was totally right!<br><br>After surgery: I get home and I sleep, I slept a good 4 hours. I wake up and I can see so clear and good I can't believe it. Also, I had no pain, I had a little bit of discomfort, like imagine having a dry contact in your eye. The rest of the day I'm good. <br><br>Follow-up appointment: The next day you are required to go to a follow-up appointment. You have to be on eye-drops (2 kinds) for 10 days. There is a lot of after care, no rubbing or wetting of the eyes for 2 weeks. No eye make-up and take special care of the eye area, no contact sports or anything that may hit your eye. If you rub your eyes or blink hard, you can wrinkle the layer that was lasered and that will have to be fixed which I was told was not painless. You have another eye exam and they look into you eye to make sure everything is healing well. The day after surgery, I already have 20/20 vision. And the lady said I will be seeing fogy or fuzzy the first couple days and will get better but I did not, I had perfect vision and no pain. I could not believe it! I felt so free! No contacts or glasses, and I can get up and start my day. <br><br>Recommendation: If you need LASIK surgery, you need to come here! This is the best place with the best staff and the best price. I am so thankful for all they have done. I would not go anywhere else.
5 stars 5
I had my consultation for LASIK and had my procedure scheduled exactly one week later. The process was very quick, but I am also a person who doesn't ask many questions. The procedure itself was quick and only mildly uncomfortable. I felt alright leaving after the procedure and asked my friend driving me home to stop and get some food on our way home, since it was suggested that I eat a small meal before taking the pain and sleep aid medication I was prescribed. However while en-route the numbing eye drops used during the procedure began to ware off, and I began experiencing some fairly substantial pain. We then went directly home where I took my prescribed medication and attempted to sleep. The following hour was interesting and uncomfortable as my pain and sleep aid medication began to take effect but my pain was to much to allow me to sleep. I experienced some interesting hallucinations involving goats folding my laundry while enduring pain which felt like someone had thrown acid in to my eyeballs. Finally the medication took full effect and I fell asleep. I woke up groggily, maybe 8 hours later to amazingly enhanced vision. Far better than I had expected the first day after the surgery. The process comes with check ups scheduled for 1 day, 1 month, 6 months and 1 year I believe. At my check up the following day I was told that my eyes were healing faster than expected and that my vision had been corrected from worse than 20/400 to 20/25 in each eye individually and 20/20 together, and that they would get slightly better after some additional healing. The staff at the three facilities I visited during the process were all fairly friendly, and professional. The exam room equipment at the El Cerrito office seemed antiquated and a bit run down, which was a bit disheartening, but the surgery room was very nice. Overall I am extremely happy with my procedure, excluding the hour or so of hallucinations and excruciating pain following the surgery. If I had any recommendation it would be to take the pain medication as soon as you leave the building and hope for the best! I hope this helps, and good luck!
4 stars 4
TL;DR: I am truly, radiantly happy with my results and I'm only five days post op. I was a -6.00 in both eyes with severe astigmatism. Standard Lasik was the procedure I had done. I am now 20/30 in both eyes and still improving. I'm taking off one star only for the consultant and the slightly irritating post op scheduling.<br><br>Pre Op:<br>My only real complaint has been with the consultant, Pablo. He is nice but not very knowledgeable at all. I'm not sure if he's new. The consultants job from what I gather is to be the liaison between the patient and the surgeon. His knowledge about the procedure was less than mine and I had only spent a few hours googling how Lasik works. He seemed condescending in his answers, although I genuinely don't think he meant to be. He was also very car salesman like. Trying to sell me on the procedure that I had already put money down for. For every question I asked, I got a "why?" or "what for?" question right back. <br>I got approved for financing and he didn't even give me the application to fill out along with any information about the care credit card. The receptionist took care of that and had me fill it out the day of surgery.<br><br>Surgery:<br>Thankfully, I was able to get all my questions answered to my satisfaction through the nurse that assisted with my surgery. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything before and during every step. I also did a lot of self research.<br>I did not meet Dr. Ellis until mere minutes before he worked his magic on my eyes. His bedside manner was impeccable though and he was great at keeping me engaged and calm. I was laying on the table less than 10 minutes total. No, the procedure itself didn't hurt at all but once the anesthetic drops wore off I was extremely uncomfortable until I was able to get in bed and pass out. Word of advice - do not pass go, do not collect $200... go straight home and sleep. By the time I woke up, pain was minimal and by the next day it was totally gone.<br><br>Post Op:<br>So far my only post op complications have been with scheduling my actual post ops. The staff was very flexible for my consultation and pre-op but seem hard pressed to work with my schedule post op. After a few phone calls, "exceptions" were made and further appointments were scheduled.<br><br>Now for the best part about my experience here, besides my now amazing (and still improving) vision: Marlene. She has called to check on me throughout this entire process and moved mountains for me. She is an absolute angel of a human being and has made this whole experience that much more amazing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about this woman.<br><br>All in all, it was a great experience and I'd do it all over again.